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Artspace Films

Artspace through the years has supported Art in all its forms. This includes most of the more traditional forms of expression and some that were not considered by the art community; the medium of film.

Moviemaking has always been a medium that has been underfunded and seen as a major risk. Some of the projects that we have brought to life have been film projects by Sophie Calle, Greg Shephard and Chris Munch.

We have included some stills of these projects and some quotes and reviews for both.


by Christopher Munch


Two women search for meaning in lost loves and missed chances. As one mother looks to her past to gain strength to face the future, a daughter investigates the emotional wounds which have kept her from finding love.

“The Sleepy Time Gal exerts a gentle but definite narrative pull, with a style that immerses us so fully in every scene that they seem absolutely flooded with life.” (Caryn James, New York Times)

“It's thanks in no small part to [Bisset’s] candid and complex performance that for all its gossamer, death-haunted poetics, The Sleepy Time Gal in the end conveys the irreducible weight of a singular life.” (Dennis Lim, Village Voice)

“Munch’s screenplay is tenderly observant of his characters. He watches them as they float within the seas of their personalities. His scenes are short and often unexpected. The story unfolds in sidelong glances. His people are all stuck with who they are and speak in thoughtful, well-considered words, as if afraid of being misquoted by destiny.” (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times)


by Christopher Munch


Eighty years after Chinese laborers built the railroads that forged a new America, one of their descendents fights to save the short-line train through Yosemite Valley.

“Richly contemplative . . . a celebration of cinema and railroads, which, when joined, have a unique and romanic capcity for transporting us to a different time and place. . . . Charged with eroticism and suffused with feelings of longing. . . . A beguiling, unique reverie.” (Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times)

“This (true) story, which evokes Coppola's Tucker, is directed with the usual subtlety of Munch, who enchants the spectator with his atmosphere and by a series of barely visible signs in the composition of the image: a sudden look, the beginning of a gesture, a laconic phrase.” (Bérénice Reynaud, Cahiers du Cinema)

“The Sundance Film Festival's one brush with the sublime. . . . In its refined sensibility, uncompromising visual purity, and elegiac lyricism Munch's film is at once sui generis and kin to both Terence Malick's Days of Heaven and Wong Kar-wai's Days of Being Wild. . . . Its very existence vindicates the dream of an arthouse independent cinema.” (Gavin Smith, Film Comment)


No Sex Last Night/ Double Blind
Starring: Sophie Calle, Greg Shephard
Directed by: Sophie Calle, Greg Shepard
Edited by: Michael Penhallow

Coverlove is dumb

Sophie Calle is a French photographer. Greg Shephard is handsome, depressive, broke and slightly disaffected. Two years before this documentary was made, they met in a New York bar and decide to travel to California together in Greg's prize possession, a most unreliable car. They decide to record their adventures and insights with separate video cameras. Thirty-nine-year-old unmarried Sophie brings a hidden agenda to the journey as she is hoping that Greg will fall for her. But during the long trip, neither speaks much to the other, even though they share meals and hotel rooms together. Instead, they seem to prefer talking to their cameras. Still, once in Las Vegas, something possess the disparate duo to marry in a drive-through chapel. This brings up the question of sex: will they or won't they consummate their marriage? Meanwhile, the car has suffered immensely during the journey forcing another question to arise: will it make it to California?